Best Way to Get Rookie Premiere Tokens in NBA 2K18

There are several ways to get Rookie Premiere tokens in the NBA 2K18 game. For starters, you need to complete 13 player sets, reach MUT rank 30, and complete challenges. You do not need to max your stars, but you must beat every single solo challenge in the game. This will earn you two free tokens.

Besides completing core tasks, you can earn Rookie Premiere tokens in Madden 22 Ultimate Team. These tokens correspond to the training value of an 86 OVR Rookie Premiere player. You can spend these tokens on any of the three options listed below. You can use them to buy or auction any of the 86 players in the game.

The best way to earn Rookie Premiere tokens is to complete challenges in the game. There are three types of challenges in the game. You can either complete the challenges in order to get a certain amount of tokens, or you can earn them in different ways. You can also buy packs with the Rookie Premiere tokens to get more players. You can also purchase packs that have 32 players in them.

If you want to make the most of these opportunities, you should make use of the Rookie Premiere program in Madden 22. It will provide you with a unique opportunity to build your ultimate team. With the help of these tokens, you can unlock the Rookie Premiere player items and get an early advantage.