FIFA 23: World Cup Icons

Buy fifa 23 coins at u7buy, visit us and place your orders now! During the event, World Cup Icons will be ready for you, which are some of the new types of campaign icons that have taken over Moment Icons. Get to know everything you need about FIFA 23 World Cup Icons in this article.

The first round of WCI cards were released on Friday, November 11 as the feature of the World Cup Swap reward. Other icons will appear periodically during the World Cup campaign in Season 2, ending on Friday, December 23rd.

Team 1 was released on November 25, with other teams, SBCs, and goals to follow. Team 1 will remain in packs until Friday, December 2nd, when it will be replaced by Team 2 cards. You will wait until Wednesday, January 4th to unlock two World Cup Icons as a Swaps Reward.

World Cup Icons are a new card type that is part of the changes made to Icon Cards in FIFA 23. Moment Icons have been changed to Campaign Icons that will appear during the season and are included in promotions, similar to what we saw in past events in FIFA 22. World Cup Icons will be given out as a reward for the Exchange, through their own SBCs, as well as in sets.

World Cup Pins will first appear in packs on Friday, November 25, following the World Cup Heroes that will appear in packs on Teams 1 and 2 during the Path to Glory. They will change their base and mid versions in packs. EA has also stated that campaign icons that are available in packs may receive this version in a future SBC, maybe two months after they were first available.

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