How adding the MPN is beneficial for your Amazon listing

Do you ever experience seo services london? Online shopping today made it easier for people to find electronics or replacement parts. The best place to buy these items are popular ecommerce website or manufacturers directly

Mostly, the manufacturers do not deal directly with buyers. In this case, Amazon sellers work by adding the manufacturer part number to their listing.

What is manufacturer’s part number? How it benefits amazon sellers? Read the article to know about all these things.

What is the manufacturer part number on Amazon?

The manufacture part number used at amazon is a unique number to find the particular product. MPN is one of the best and most unique identifiers to use in the inventory listing section

Customers also use the Amazon MPN to confirm that the product they are buying matches a product that they actually want. MPNs are identifiers that are used for internal and external searches. It increases product discoverability and visibility.

Benefits of adding MPN to amazon listings

There are many reasons behind adding the manufacturer part number to your Amazon listings.

1. High rate of conversions

An important part of any electronics has not come under the optional items. For this, customers preferred to use the MPN to find the right match for what they sought. So, adding the MPN to the product listing helps the customer to easily find the specific items or products and leads to better conversion rates.

Adding the MPN also reduces the cases of confusion among customers when they try to find any specific products on Amazon.

2. Discoverability

Another benefit to adding MPN to an amazon listing is that it improves discoverability. This is an important field that is indexed by Amazon and Google. So, every item is picked by search engines and shown on search results after adding the MPN.

In this way, people need to search simply and get their products on screen easily. What do they need to buy?

3. Fewer returns

By adding the MPN to the product listing, there is more chance that customers they get the same products they want. So, it reduces the chance of returns. As a result, it improves product ratings and ranking. It also improves your Amazon account health because amazon prefers low return ratings.

4. Strong customer base

When buyers get the right products from sellers for the first time, they appreciate them and start buying the products in bulk. In fact, they buy the items frequently from the same sellers. So, adding the MPN to amazon product listings helps to build a strong customer base.

5. Product reviews

After adding the MPN to the product listing, it is easy for customers to find the right product. If customers receive the same products that they want, they give a positive review on the seller’s platform. So, adding the MPN is a good way to gain a lot of positive reviews from customers.


For amazon sellers, it is important to optimize the products in order to create more sales. It is also important to improve product visibility for the target audience, which is only possible by MPN.

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