How Landscape Lighting Can Make Your Home Look More Beautiful And Safe Throughout The Year

Landscape lighting has become an important part of creating a spectacular landscaping design. Over the last few years, homeowners have devised landscape lighting to improve their property’s security, appearance, and appeal. More people are adopting this strategy to keep their property attractive, even at night.

BLT Landscapes, a top landscaping service company, notes that landscaping lighting can make a lot of difference, especially when done right. Considering adding lights to your landscape? Read on to learn the different types of lights you can choose and how they make your home stand out.

Why Use Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting is an important part of homes and businesses. They offer many benefits, including;

Enhances Property Appearance

Landscape lighting accentuates a property, making it look better at night. You can improve your property’s appearance just by installing them 52av.

Upgrades Security And Safety

Homeowners with security features around their homes can enjoy better visibility at night with landscape lighting. The proper lighting ensures there’s no place for unauthorized people to hide on the property. This improves safety and security.

Creates A Resort-Like Feel

People who enjoy their outdoor space will get more out of it with landscape lighting. The perfect combination of lights gives the property a resort-like appearance and improves the homeowner’s quality of life.

Reduces Insects And Brightens The Home

Natural and artificial lights play an important role in brightening the home. Artificial lights, through landscape lighting, can give your home a different look and feel when used rightly. It can also reduce insect problems in your outdoor space.

Increases Home’s Value

Your outdoor lighting can improve your home’s value and make it stand out to potential buyers. Consider taking breathtaking photography of your home at night with landscaping lights on to see the appeal.

Flexibility And Customization

Outdoor landscape lighting is available in different types, allowing homeowners to choose flexibly what works for them. You can combine the different types of landscape lighting to create your dream outdoor space.

Types Of Landscape Lighting

There are different types of landscape lighting perfect for each use. Some of the common lighting options you’ll come across include;


Spotlights are designed to light specific areas of your home or landscape. For example, a spotlight may be installed to highlight the water feature on your landscape. These lights are peculiar and are mostly directed at a 45-degree angle to specific objects or surfaces.

Spotlights are perfect for homes with architectural details or for homeowners looking to accentuate specific areas of their property.


Unlike spotlights with smaller beams, floodlights have larger beams and cover a wider area. They are typically installed at about 120 degrees and can cover larger areas like walkways, gardens, exteriors, etc. These lights are perfect for security and safety.

They can be used to illuminate your yard, driveway, walkways, gardens, etc.

Path Lights

Path lights are smaller and often installed on the wall or a fancy stand. As the name suggests, they are installed on path sides and edges to guide homeowners, guests, and visitors to the main entrance.

Path lights can be installed around the driveway or walkway. They are perfect for hardscapes and accentuate the little details more.

In-Ground Lights

Inground lights are like path lights except for the stand. These lights are installed in the ground and can function as path lights too. They give a trimmer look and are often used for driveways and walkways.

One of the major disadvantages of this light type is that they do not cover as much beam area as the path light. However, they are more aesthetically pleasing compared to path lights.

Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor lights, as the name suggests, are perfect for outdoor spaces. They are mostly deployed for walkways and driveways. They can also be used for outdoor kitchens, fire pits, water features, etc.

For clarity, outdoor lights are often taller and bolder than path lights. They are essentially supplementary to flood lights for homeowners who want to keep the nooks and crannies of their landscape well-lit during night time.

Outdoor lights can also be used to supplement spotlights and in-ground lights, depending on the landscape design.

Step Light

Step lights are designed to reduce the incidence of accidents when using the steps. They are often installed into the steps to help users see as they climb up or down the stairs. They not only maximize safety and reduce accidents but also add an accent to the property.

Pond Light

Pond lights are specially designed to keep ponds and pond areas lit and safe. They also add accent to the property, making sure it looks its best, even at night.

As with most other landscape lighting, pond lights are a safety feature as they warn guests of water bodies ahead of them and help them keep track of their surroundings near ponds.

Hardscape Lights

Hardscape lights are perfect for all hardscaping features like decks, walkways, pergolas, etc. These light products can be installed directly onto the home’s exterior wall, or they can be installed as a decorative yet functional option.

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