How to Get Post Title in Loop in WordPress

WordPress has a built-in function to retrieve a post title. It’s called the_title() and it’s available to use inside the Loop. This function returns the post title of the first post on the page. This function takes two parameters, the post id and the title.

The post title is displayed in the Post Title block, which is nested inside the query loop block. This allows you to customize how the query loop looks. You can add this block to your page template by typing /post-title. You can also use the “Drag and Drop” feature to move the block to a new position on the page. It will display a blue separator line to show its new position.

The Loop is the basic engine of any template file in WordPress. It’s the way that WordPress displays one post on a page. Changing the Loop contents is the primary way to change template behavior. In WordPress, you’ll find several Template Tags, which are used to format, arrange, and publish post data. The Loop is divided into multiple sections, each of which can be edited to change the look of the page.

You can also use a loop to fetch posts for a specific time period. This works by hooking up the post_where() function with a WHERE clause.

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