Life House Kayak Raised $60 Million in Series C Funding

Life House Kayak is an innovating company that is dedicated to helping small businesses grow their revenue by providing them with an easy-to-use, cloud-based hotel management platform. The company has a goal to expand its reach to the English-speaking market in North America, while still maintaining its focus on revenue management software. As a result, this startup will be looking to raise money, as well as focus on developing and expanding its products theinewshunt.

Raising money

Life House, a New York-based provider of hotel operations software, raised $60 million in Series C funding led by Inovia Capital, Kayak, and other notable names in the hospitality space. The company aims to be the leading provider of cloud-based hotel management software. Its current product line includes revenue management, financial operations, and other hotel operational features inewshunt360.

Life House and Kayak have been working together since the launch of Kayak Miami Beach. Kayak’s CEO, Steve Hafner, said the two companies will be aligned in their mission to reinvent the guest experience. Currently, the two companies are working on a hotel operations software solution. Both firms are also planning to expand into Canada and other English-speaking countries in Europe.

Life House has grown rapidly and is currently a full-service operator of independent hotels. They provide a variety of revenue-management and property-management software tools to independent and boutique hotel owners. To demonstrate its expertise, the company has been recognized with numerous industry awards.

Expanding to English-speaking markets in North America

Life House is a hotel management company that provides a slew of software to independent hotels. Their software suite includes the slickest property operations and financial systems, which have helped to make their business one of the fastest growing hotel companies in the U.S. They are also expanding to Canada, and have already launched three hotels in Mexico. Now, they are on to their next big project. This will likely be the most comprehensive, cloud-based hotel management system on the market thaionlinegamingworld.

The company has managed to raise over $100 million since it was founded in 2016, with an investment from Kayak, Inovia, and others. Their most recent round was led by iNovia Capital and was accompanied by a large round from Derive Ventures and JLL, among others. The company is currently running nearly 50 properties in the U.S., and has plans to expand in English-speaking markets throughout North America, and perhaps Europe.

Focusing on revenue management software

In a recent Series C funding round, Life House secured $60 million in investment. This investment was led by Kayak and Inovia Capital. It also included other investors such as Tiger Global, Sound Ventures, Cooley, Derive Ventures, JLL, and Trinity Ventures.

Life House is a cloud-based hotel operations platform provider. It offers a number of services for hotel owners and operators, including financial reporting, accounting, and branding and design. The company has also developed its own software.

The Life House team has a lot of experience working in the hotel industry. CEO Steve Hafner said that the company plans to use the investment to re-invent the guest experience in the hotel industry.

Life House provides a range of products for its customers, including a vertically integrated hotel operations platform, dynamic pricing, accounting, and branding. They are currently powering more than 50 hotels in North America. A number of their clients have seen their revenue increase by more than 45% trendingbird.

Creating a market-leading cloud-based hotel management platform

Life House is a hospitality company that focuses on developing proprietary software to help independent hotels manage their operations. It is one of the fastest growing hotel companies in the U.S. and has been valued at $250 million. The company is currently working to double its presence to 100 hotels by 2022.

Life House helps hotel owners manage their revenue, accounting, marketing, and payroll. The software is an all-in-one solution designed to make it easier for hotel operators to own and run their properties. Since its inception in 2017, Life House has raised more than $100 million in financing from investors including Derive Ventures, iNovia Capital, JLL, Tiger Global, and Kayak.

Life House operates more than 50 hotels in North America, and has already partnered with owners in Mexico. With a track record of success, Life House has plans to grow and expand its operations to include smaller hotels. This will allow the company to focus on the underserved owners in the industry.


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