Life House Venture Capital Raised $60 Million in a Series C Round

The Life House is a venture capital company founded by three friends and former hoteliers. The company is focused on providing a software solution for the hotel and hospitality industries. Its founders and investors are all experts in the industry and have a track record of successful startups. They are planning for future growth and have a Revenue model in place.

Founders and investors

The Life House is a hotel management software company that provides revenue management, accounting, payroll, and other features to independent hotels. Its goal is to provide hotels with an operational model that is more efficient.

Founded by Rami Zeidan and Jason Cooley whotimes, Life House is backed by Kayak, JLL, Derive Ventures, and Tiger Global. In the past year, the startup has raised over $100 million and is poised to grow out of its early stage.

During its infancy, the company focused on small hotels. But as it evolved into a tech-focused hotel operator, the business quickly grew starsfact. Now, the company manages more than 50 hotels in North America. With a goal of revolutionizing the travel experience, the company is working with Kayak to develop hotel operations software.

Currently, the Life House and Kayak teams are collaborating on a cloud-based hotel management platform. They also hope to improve white-label management systems.

While the company does not own real estate, it sources properties through long-term agreements. This enables Life House to charge hotels a fee for sales. By doing this, the firm generates a profit.

Hotel operations software

Life House, a hotel operations software provider, raised $60 million in a Series C round. It aims to build an all-in-one platform to manage hotels. The company’s three core systems – revenue management, property operations, and financial operations – power hotel operations.

Life House is led by CEO Rami Zeidan, who has worked in various areas of the hotel industry. Founded in 2017, the company plans to scale up its business and expand its customer base. To get there, it has tapped into some well-known names in the hospitality and travel industry.

In the crowded field of hotel software providers, Life House is out to differentiate itself. In addition to its vertically integrated system, the company offers a revenue management system that helps independent hotels generate more profit. Additionally, it is a one-stop shop for hoteliers with payroll management, branding, and dynamic pricing. Moreover, it offers a cloud-based hotel management platform.

Kayak, which has a market capitalization of $2 billion, is a major investor. It also happens to be Life House’s distribution partner. After partnering with the startup last spring, the companies have joined forces on a number of initiatives, including the opening of Life House-branded hotels in Mexico and Miami Beach.

Revenue model

For the first time in its nearly ten year history, Life House has raised more than $60 million. Some of the leading investors include Kayak, Tiger Global, and iNovia Capital. The company has also partnered with a few high profile names in the hotel industry. It is a software company that is putting the tools to work for the independent hotelier. Among the offerings is a proprietary suite of software for financial and property management.

A little more than a year ago, Rami Zeidan founded Life House. His mission is to reinvent the way hotels operate. Today, the company operates more than 50 hotels across North America. Unlike most hotels, it has not been a franchised brand. This is a welcome change. One of the many perks of operating in such a unique environment is the ability to use software to make the old fashioned hotel experience more like a modern day service.

Plans for future growth

Life House is a hotel management company that uses an all-in-one technology platform to help hotel owners with accounting, marketing, and general operations. The firm has raised around $100 million to date, including a $60 million round led by Kayak. This comes after an earlier funding round from Thayer Ventures, Tiger Global, and Derive Ventures.

Originally founded as a brand for independent hotels, Life House now manages more than 50 properties across North America. It is also the operator of Kayak-branded hotels in Mexico and Miami Beach. As for plans for future growth, Life House said it intends to continue to build its white-label management platform and introduce a cloud-based hotel management platform.

In addition to the Kayak investment, the two companies have already formed an engineering team and are working together on a new hotel operations software. According to Hafner, Life House and Kayak are aligned on a mission to reinvent the guest experience.


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