Pukhraj Stone

The Pukhraj stone is considered to be a powerful protector. It keeps evil spirits at bay and improves immunity. It is also said to protect people from mental health problems and increase happiness in their lives. It has been said to enhance one’s intuition and help them make the best decisions possible.

This stone is one of the most powerful gemstones in Game Passstonerwired the world. Its power originates from Jupiter, the heaviest planet in our solar system. Wearing it will give you health benefits and increase the wealth in your family. It will also play a key role in your destiny. In fact, the Pukhraj stone is the most sought after stone in the world today. Its innate powers have earned it a prominent position in Hindu Vedic astrology.

The Pukhraj stone is considered to be particularly auspicious for Virgo. If purchased during a favorable time, it will attract good fortune, abundance, and prosperity. It is also known as the stone of luck. Ideally, the Pukhraj stone should be worn on the right index finger. It should be at least two carats in weight. It should be worn in the morning of Thursday.

Moreover, wearing this stone is believed to enhance pleasure. It also supports effective decision-making and attracts prosperity to your business. It is also said to remove stress, anxiety, and depression. Pukhraj stone benefits also include reducing fat in the body and healing throat and skin ailments. It also helps regulate the body’s blood circulation.

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