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If you are interested in building a 60 sqm house, you need to be sure you have a good plan for House Design. This will allow you to design a home that will not only fit your budget, but also your family’s needs.

Two bedroom house design on corner lot

The Two bedroom house design on a corner lot is a great way to design a home. This house plan is also ideal if you are building a house on a narrow lot. Besides being comfortable and cost effective, it is aesthetically pleasing. There are many different floor plans available for modern corner houses. These designs can be easily customized in your area.

One of the main features of this house design is its high pitch roof. The high pitched roof helps the house to be ventilated and reduces heat buildup in the room. It can be made of wood plank effect or pre-painted long span roofing. With this type of roof, there is more space to accommodate your needs and it is more energy efficient.

Another thing about the Two bedroom house design on a corner lot that makes it unique is its use of setback spaces. Some areas of the house protrude from outside the exterior walls of the house, and these protruding areas are designed with different finishes and colors. Having this sort of design can give your home a sense of personality. Moreover, there is plenty of natural light to allow you to enjoy your surroundings worddocx.

In addition, after having a personalized exterior wall design, you can also use custom die-cut stickers to properly decorate the house. Special stickers can fill your room with different elements. Custom stickers can fill the house with infinite design and special beauty.

Aside from this, the house features a common bathroom and service area. There is also a car porch and open terrace.

Moonlight Cabin

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects designed a 60 square meter house design in Australia. It is a minimalist vacation cabin that embodies the essence of efficiency and adaptability. The building features laconic white walls, high ceilings and a rain screen to prevent water from getting inside. Located along the coast, the cabin overlooks the Victorian ocean.

Designed to be environmentally responsive, the Moonlight Cabin is also a perfect spot to escape the city. A couple and their two children can stay in the cabin while they enjoy the natural environment. When the occupants have gone, the cabin can be closed and reopened again. This reduces the use of energy and costs for running the cabin.

Built using a variety of materials, including concrete, wood and plywood, the cabin is designed to be adaptable. If a family of four wants to sleep, they can do so on a couch while they enjoy the natural environment. In the morning, they can get dressed on the deck.


While the interior of the cabin is simple, the exterior of the cabin is a beautiful combination of glass and wood. The building is surrounded by a spotted gum rain screen and has large windows to let in as much natural light as possible. One of the best things about the building is that it combines a traditional style with a contemporary layout.

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